Friday, July 9, 2010

Tom MacEntee's "What Do I Do" Meme

Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers, found at, has come up with a "meme" which can be found at, asking what technology we use to do our genealogy and other stuff.  Here's mine . . .

But first, you may ask why I didn't use HTML to just put live links in the last paragraph.  I am not doing that because Blogger's HTML editor is very bad, and is driving me to dangerously high blood pressure.  I know enough to be able to troubleshoot my own HTML, and I am doing it right.  Blogger's HTML editor is just bad.

Done with the rant (and that is a very short version); now to the "meme."

* Hardware:

1.  Desktop computer put together by my husband, running Windows XP Professional.
2.  HP Dv6000t laptop running same.
3.  Asus Eee PC running Linux.
* External storage:
1.  Several 1-2 gigabyte USB drives.
2.  1 130 gigabyte portable hard drive (made to Department of Defense specifications for durability -- I could run over it with my car and it would be unharmed).
* Online storage:
No.  I do not do this.  I will not put my work, the product of my effort and time and knowledge, into "the cloud."  I don't trust it.  So . . . I'm a dinosaur.
* Backup:
1.  HandyBackup
* Firewall:
1.  hardware firewall installed at the cable
2.  ZoneAlarm
* Virus protection:
1.  Symantec
* Spyware:
1.  AdAware
2.  MalwareBytes
* File cleaner:
None yet, but shopping
* Printer:
HP Deskjet F4280, which I am very unhappy with because of unnecessary things it does!  My next printer is likely to be a Kodak!
* Phone:
1.  Landline
2.  Nokia Communicator 9300 (I think)
* Mobile media:
1.  I just do not want to mess with this!  I really don't care.  I have enough patience to wait until I get home.
* Music player:
1.  Cowon iAudio 7
* Car audio:
1.  The radio and CD player that came with it
* eBook Reader:
I don't.  I don't want to.  I like my eyes too much, and I like the feel of real books, thank you.  The readers are too expensive, and they can break or fail.  Books don't break.
* Browser:
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  I avoid IE whenever possible.
* Blog:
Here it is, right here.
* RSS:
Google Reader, or Feed Demon.
* FTP:
Not very much.  My husband gave me something-or-other, I don't know what it's called.
* Text editor:
Programmer's File Editor, which you cannot find any more.
* Graphics:
Only in the games I play.  Oh, well, I do use Paint Shop Pro 7.
* Screen capture:
I use Paint Shop Pro 7
* Social media:
* Social bookmarking:
* Social profile:
I'm not very.  I try to release as little personal information into the wild as possible.
* URL shortener:
* Office suite:
Microsoft Office (grudgingly); (they could make some components better)
* E-mail:
Mozilla Thunderbird, though I find something wrong with all of them.
* Calendar:
No.  Just can't make 'em work for me.  (Well, we have a paper calendar that we use)
* Accounting:
TurboTax when the time comes every year.  Other than that, paper files in the file cabinet. (Hey, at least we're not using a shoebox!)
* PDF generator: does it just fine for me, and in fact Microsoft Office 2007 will, too.
* Genealogy database:
The Master Genealogist.  I tried Family Tree Maker 2010, but it just wasn't there for me.
* Genealogy tools:
Pen, paper, forms, reference books. 
* Other tech stuff:
I do a lot of transcription of Spanish documents from past centuries, and I find a little program called Transcript (about which I've blogged before) to be super for the task!  I love it!

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