Friday, March 2, 2012

North Florida Genealogy Conference

Tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) is the second annual North Florida Genealogical Conference.  Last year, the conference was held at the main library of the Jacksonville Public Library system.  The conference was well-attended and quite a success.  This year, it has a different venue -- the LDS church in Orange Park.  One advantage to this year's venue is ease of parking!

I will be presenting one of my favorite talks, Spanish and English Paleography (old handwriting), showing attendees what to expect when looking at documents from the 16th through the 18th centuries.  This has been one of my more popular talks, and has been well-received wherever I have given it, from Tampa to Atlanta.

I will also be presenting my talk on beginning genealogy, which I call "Bare Bones."  I will be presenting this one in Spanish, and for that language, the title is "Primeros Pasos" (First Steps).  This will be a first for me, presenting in Spanish.  I hope it will go off well. 

And last night, I also volunteered to give "Bare Bones" in English in another slot, as one of the scheduled speakers has had to bow out due to an acute medical situation.  We all hope his health improves soon, and without complications.

The PowerPoints are all prepared, and today, after my class, I need to prepare the handout for "Primeros Pasos," and print all the handouts for the three presentations.

And Sunday, I think I'll just stay in bed!

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