Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent Calendar: The Dreaded Fruitcake

I am not going to mention a brand name, but there is a rather infamous brand of commercial fruitcake manufactured in the state of Georgia which has, from time to time, surfaced in the family and in the presence of friends as well. It is to be dreaded: it is dry, it is not very good. Frankly, it is a brick.

Have I ever regifted a fruitcake? I would not wish one of the above-referenced bricks on my worst enemy.

However, I have tasted some really good fruitcake, too. Done right, it can be delectable. My friend Amanda does it right. She uses the right ingredients, of good quality, and soaks the thing in brandy until it staggers down the walk of its own accord! Oh, yes, it is good!

So take heart, friends: there is such a thing as good fruitcake.

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Elizabeth said...

My family has a fruitcake recipe handed down from a German great grrandmother. It's dark brown, rich tasting, and moist, preserved with rum, added generously over 6-12 months of aging. My grandmother made it for us, my mother made it, and now my sister makes it. She usually makes it before the holidays and the next year she gives us each some.During World War II, my grandmother sent some to my Dad in Europe, and his letters express not just deep gratitude, but also how much the others in his tent raved about it as the best fruitcake they'd ever had.