Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Kudo in a Full Week

I am honored that Elizabeth O'Neal, who blogs at Little Bytes of Life has nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award.

So this requires that I (a) reveal seven heretofore unknown things about myself (unknown to most everyone except my family who read this) and (b) nominate seven other genealogy bloggers to receive the award.

So here goes the first part (be prepared to be amused or bored . . .)

1. I was in the U.S. Coast Guard, active and reserve, and made it from Yeoman Third Class to Lieutenant (junior grade). I am the first woman in my family to serve in the military.

2. For a long time, I had an uncontrollable fear of spiders. I've gotten better about that (and there's a family story behind the phobia; I might reveal it one day).

3. I have developed an aberrant affection for cheesy disaster movies. They're such fun!

4. I am very fond of acoustic guitar music, and took advantage of the opportunity, while I was at Florida State University in the 1960s, to see and hear Andres Segovia play. Marvelous!

5. My three favorite composers (I love classical music) are Richard Rodgers, Aaron Copland, and George Gershwin.

6. I like to read about forensic science (and yes, I do watch the "C.S.I." TV shows).

7. I collect frogs -- ceramic, wood, stone, stuffed, all sorts of forms. When I was a child, I collected real ones.

And now for the nominations:

Elyze's Genealogy Blog
Genealogy Frame of Mind
Miles's Genealogy Tips
The Armchair Genealogist
Spence-Lowry Family History
Night Before Noon

Stop by and give them a read. Some are on hiatus at this busy time of year, but I'm sure they'll e back once all the brouhaha of the holidays simmers down! Happy reading, and happy blogging, and happy holidays to all!


Julia, IBSSG said...

Why did you do that??? I'm not creative, though I'm very lazy! Lo siento!

Julia, IBSSG said...

Hi, again -

I'm guessing that you had to know how to swim. I know the movements to make, but it's tough to do when I'm as rigid as marble and too tense to breathe. And I can't tread water for anything. It looks like fun, though, when I see others do it!

I, too, love "C.S.I." - the real one, not the goofy offshoots.