Saturday, December 5, 2009

I got the grant!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned applying for a grant to conduct research in the family ties of St. Augustine in the Second Spanish Period (1783-1820) and examine how those family ties influenced and were influenced by the events of the period.

In my university e-mail this morning, I received word that I have been awarded the grant! I think what I'm going to do with it, or most of it (it's $500 for me and $1000 for my mentoring professor) is go to Washington, D.C., to use the originals of the East Florida Papers, which have most of the censuses I need to use, as well as letters, tax lists, and other documents. The originals, so one researcher has commented in his works, are better than their reproductions on microfilm.

I am going to look at the microfilms anyway, and maybe make note of those which are too hard to read (due to faded ink, over- or underexposure, or other factors), and which might be more readable in the original.

What a nice Christmas present!


geneabloggers said...

Congratulations Karen! And safe travels to Washington DC - this sounds exciting!

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Congratulations on the grant!

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Congratulations on your grant - very satisfying, isn't it?
Evelyn in Montreal