Friday, January 1, 2010

Follow Friday: Genealogy's Star on Technology

James Tanner's blog, Genealogy's Star, is on my Google reader list, and on my "must read" list. He is a lawyer as well as a genealogist, so he has a lawyer's lens through which he often filters his blog entries, such as those on privacy and identity theft. I don't always agree with him, but do more often than not. His blog is wide-ranging and well-written. He's the one you want to read if you want to keep up with what is happening with the LDS Family Search website.

His most recent post is "Finding out about almost anything and everything," in which he discusses genealogy and technology. Genealogy has been affected big-time by the advances in technology, and in some ways we don't ordinarily think of -- such as taking digital photographs of information off of a microfilm reader's screen!

He's ahead of me on the genealogy/technology curve -- he apparently has a "smart phone." I'm wary of technology that's too much smarter than I am. (wink) Technology has given us an awful lot, but it is still possible to do genealogy without it.

It's just a lot harder.

Give Genealogy's Star a read, if you haven't been reading it already. Like me, James doesn't get many comments. He should -- his blogs can start a lot of really good discussions.

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