Thursday, September 16, 2010

I know where I was 39 Years Ago Today!

I was in the hospital, having given birth to our older daughter!  Happy birthday, kiddo!

The picture shown here is one I had done at what was then (December, 1971) Jacksonville's premiere department store, Cohen Brothers.  When I went downtown to pick up the prints, the manager asked me if it would be all right if they displayed a very large (something like 2 ft. x 3 ft.) poster-sized print in their department, on the wall.  I said it would be all right -- especially when they told me that when they were ready to change the display, they would give us the poster-sized portrait!  So my beautiful baby was highly visible to the elite of Jacksonville for a while.


Kerry Scott said...

Happy birthday to her! 1971 is an excellent vintage.

I always hope our visits to the portrait studio will result in the kind of pictures that they want to feature...but alas, my kids see that camera and suddenly look like they're contemplating the middle east peace process or something.

Marti said...

... Not *that* beautiful. What a long-faced, scraggly haired thing... :)