Thursday, July 14, 2011

Further down the trail

The other day I posted about my pursuit of Samuel Rhoades/Rhodes and Ida May Dewey.  I mentioned the marriage record I expected to find.  Today I made it to the Jacksonville Public Library and examined the LDS film I had ordered. 

I found them.  Samuel Henston Rhoads, as his name appears on the marriage record, and Ida May Dewey married on 5 September 1881, the ceremony conducted by a Justice of the Peace, Thomas Lambert.  This took place in Pike County, Ohio, and is recorded in the Probate Court in Marriage Book Volume 4, page 36.  There is not a lot of information in the record -- no parents' names, for example.  The record does say that the groom was over 21 years of age and the bride over 18, and that they were no nearer in relation than second cousins, and that there was no impediment to the marriage.

It just does not seem to have lasted terribly long.  I wish I could go to Ohio, because the answers to the riddles posed by Samuel Henston Rhoads probably are there.  I'll still be working on running him down.  Stay tuned.

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