Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Tell the children about me."

Barry Ewell sent me an e-mail announcing his blog, and I went to take a look.  Er . . . give a listen.  Many of his entries are in the form of brief podcasts which are well-written and well-presented.  They are also informative or thought-provoking.  The most affecting to me was his entry "Journey of a Genealogist: Tell the children about me."

In this entry he tells of his mother's passing and of a dream he later had.  His mother tells him, in his dream, "Tell the children about me."

I think that is what all our ancestors are saying to us.  I think we all hear them, and we heed their request.

Tell the children about all their ancestors so far discovered.  And keep looking for more whose stories are waiting to be told.

And go give Barry's blog a listen.

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