Thursday, April 5, 2012

More from Ancestry on the 1940 Census is scheduled to have all 3.8 million census pages online by tomorrow at about 2 p.m. -- "maybe sooner."  More places having the images available should mean a wider distribution of server load, which might help alleviate the access problems people have been having just because of the massive reception the census has had!

As well, tomorrow, will be launching additional tools to help in 1940 census research.  Their take on it:  "This is HUGE."  The whole 1940 census has been huge, from the sheer mass of the number of images to the frenzy for access to the fodder for us bloggers, to the topic having trended strongly on Twitter, to the effect it is having on people's research, advancing knowledge just that much more.  It is exciting.

Don't forget that has demo videos on YouTube.  The link takes you to the playlist, where you can choose which one(s) you want to watch.

Indexing progresses, having begun on Monday when the images went live.  Stay tuned for news of which states have been indexed as the work continues.

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