Monday, September 16, 2013

The Book of ME: Part 3

I'm taking  part in a meme, "The Book of Me Written by YOU," started by Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest. This week's prompt is:  Describe your physical self.

Your size – clothes size
Eye colour
Draw your hands
Finger Prints

Clothes size?  Oh, no.  Let's just skip this one, shall we?  Though I have lost about 7 pounds in the last two weeks, having cut out refined carbohydrates (mainly grains and grain products).  Next question!

Scars.  I have a scar from a tubal ligation in 1972, a scar on my right knee from when I fell off my bicycle in a gravel parking lot when I was about 10, scars from various biopsies and one large scar on the back of my right leg where a skin cancer was removed, and a mark of my generation: a smallpox vaccination scar on my left bicep.  I also have various small scars on my arms which prove that cat bathing is a martial art.  And I have a set of "railroad tracks" left on my right boob by my cat!

Eye color.  Green with brown.

Draw my hands?  Nah, I am NO artist.  However, I have large hands for a woman my size.  I also have a large frame, though I'm only 5'4" tall.  I never gave a thought to the size of my hands until my husband bought me a pair of gloves for Christmas.  I tried to put them on, and couldn't.  They were too small.  He was surprised, as he said they were standard women's gloves.  I held my hand up and told him to hold his hand against mine.  We were both rather startled to see that my hands are the same size as his!  He stands 5'9 1/2" and is not slight of build.  The best part of that came when our younger daughter wanted to buy him a pair of gloves for Christmas some years later.  She took me along as a "hand model," and the gloves she bought him fit perfectly!

Finger prints:  on file with the City of Jacksonville, Florida (I was a city employee, a librarian at the public library); the Clay County School Board (I was a substitute teacher for a brief while); the Internal Revenue Service (for which I worked for a couple of years); and the United States Coast Guard, in which I served both active duty and reserve.

Now, aren't you glad you know that?

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