Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Case of Woeful Neglect

From the fall of 2012 until last May, I was in graduate school at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, during which time I was working on a Master of Liberal Arts in Florida Studies.  It was a tough program, but I was awarded that degree last May, and now I'm home.  I also had some medical adventures during the summer, which reminded me once again that I am not getting any younger and I am mortal. As a consequence, my blogs have suffered from terrible neglect.

However, this evening while I was on Facebook, my nephew Gary questioned me about my aunt, his grand-aunt, Elizabeth Reed.  I have some posts here about her, but will, mainly for Gary, put up some more very soon.

I am going to resurrect this poor, moribund blog, and post more genealogical adventures.  Some of those adventures are related to a personal-interest project I am working on in my professional capacity as a genealogist and a historian, and that is proving to be very exciting indeed.

As well, I will be posting some blogs concerning my primary project, investigating the social, economic, personal, and family relationships of the citizens and residents (there was a difference) of the city of St. Augustine, Florida, during the second period of Spanish possession, 1784-1821.

My master's thesis was on marriage in St. Augustine during that period, under the Spanish marriage law known as the Real Pragmática de Casamientos, or the Pragmatic Sanction on marriage.  I have posted here about that in the past. 

My goal in studying St. Augustine during this period is to link the general history of St. Augustine with the family histories of St. Augustine. I want to get a look at the broad picture.  Many have written on particular groups in St. Augustine -- the African-Americans, the Minorcans, and others.  No one yet appears to have tackled the broader picture, and I am a very broad-picture historian.

Come along with me as I get my blogs back in action.

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